About Us

Our people are our most important asset.

About UBCI

UBCI Mission----In pursuit of Excellence

Fulfillment of our mission on a continuous basis requires an organization-wide commitment and action by.

Nurturing Excellent talent

To be able to give the best to customers, an organization must have people who are experts in their disciplines. Our stringent selection procedures ensure that. Nurturing and honing this talent to perfection by exhaustive training, challenging assignments and unlimited opportunities to grow help us attract and retain the best talent in the industry.

Invest in range of IT services

Our clients face IT issues in different areas and scope. To be able to provide support and assistance in project development/ maintenance and IS operations, our service offerings span a wide range of IT services. Carefully selected and expertly staffed these service offerings help businesses in different industries gain technology excellence.

UBCI vision

We aspire to be a clear leader in the software industry in which we choose to focus by building enduring customer partnerships that deliver tangible value.

Whether a client needs to recruit top talent, manage contractors, or implement an IT project under a tight schedule, we will be there. And we will exceed the client's expectations.

We will attain our vision by:
• Providing national and global enterprises with best-in-class IT staffing and specialized project services and vendor management programs.
• Recruiting only the very best people, encouraging their professional growth and development, and challenging them with assignments at leading employers.

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